• probably a lot of it
  • In less than a decade, many of these trends will be embedded in our daily lives. ... for new products and services; some that already here today, like social ... B2B e-Retailing which has lagged so far is now ready to take off and we will ... will usher in some deep socioeconomic changes in our future society.
  • Nah, I'm still an original.
  • I suppose at least half of it is being Japanese, but I now live in the USA, so I have learned some different ways.
  • Some of it is because of my religious beliefs that govern behavior. For example Matthew 22:37-39 speaks of love of God and of neighbor as the two greatest commandments. I strive to practice these in my every day life.
  • I'm a product of my parents and of my lifelong events
  • There is no device to measure such things. Besides, who cares? Ultimately we are a product of our choices regardless of the influence. You are who you choose to be regardless of what or whom you choose to blame for your choices. Ultimately you are the one who chooses how you react to whatever circumstances present themselves. You are a product of your choices and you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • My back and nervous system. Both due to working in an automotive body shop.

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