• Warm mocha and a blanket in front of the TV. Oooops you don't watch them. :(
    • Linda Joy
      I might if I had one.
    • Rick Myres
      Oh I thought you had one and got rid of it. That must have been another person I talked to, I have a new one and an old one if I could I'd give you one of or both of them.
    • Linda Joy
      I did have one and got rid of it. It wouldn't pick up but about three stations and not very well it was frustrating. A friend of mine has hers here with a DVD player so I can watch DVDs but it doesn't pick up television. And I can't afford cable I'm trying to save up for a vehicle
    • Rick Myres
      I understand what you mean. I got rid of ATT because they raised prices a soon as they took over SBC and then eliminated my discount for long distance then a few years laster I got rid of long distance a and they put more hidden charges to take up the loss of money. I got Charter for phone, internet and TV which are a lot cheaper. If I get rid of the phone my bill will be $20 more than with the phone each month. I found out when I went to the office here to get rid of the phone. At least they told me.
  • Sexual intercourse.
    • Linda Joy
      definitely a nice way to get warm!
  • Hugging a lovely girl!
    • Linda Joy
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Finding one isn't that easy!
    • Linda Joy
      I guess that depends on your definition of lovely.
  • go somewhere fun where the heat is on
    • Linda Joy
      And you're not the one paying for it? Lol
  • My sweetie, but since he is not here a soft blanket will have to do. Nitey Night. Talk to you in a few hours.
    • Linda Joy
      I do like a nice soft blanket. And don't forget your PJs that you like so much.
  • After being exposed to extreme cold for an extended period, I usually take a long, steamy hot shower to get the chill out of my bones.
    • Linda Joy
      Ooh Steamy!
  • Turn on the heating.
  • Splitting wood and snuggling with my lover (even though I don't have one in my life now)
  • At BYU Utah, soaking in a hot tub is pretty common. Look up sooking and who the hot tub is.
  • Layer up with the clothes. It takes a lot for me to feel cold though, even when I have gone to the snow.

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