• Probably not. Seems like a fad.
  • What is Blockchain?
    • Bill
      It's a technology that lets you have a decentralized, trusted ledger. It's made in a way that when you create a new block (#2), it has a reference to the block that proceeded it (block #1) -- hence the chain. Since each block in the change is "built" from the block before it, people can't just go in and change block #2 because then block #3, #4, etc. won't work properly. What people put into the block may be transaction records (Bitcoin) or Smart Contract (Ethereum) or data.
  • I don't understand it completely. I Googled it but I don't understand if the data is able to be manipulated by users how it is incorruptible. Or if it's read only how is it updated simultaneously? I'm not investment savvy and wouldn't trust my own advice, but I do find it an interesting topic. Thank you for your question! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • Bitcoin is better.
    • Bill
      It's my understanding the Bitcoin is a blockchain. Blockchain is the lower layer and Bitcoin is one application built on top of it. A Ethereum is another.
  • it is if its legit and you want to get it
  • I'm just worried they're going to find some underlying flaw that will make the whole system unravel.

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