• Probably not. Seems like a fad.
  • What is Blockchain?
    • Bill
      It's a technology that lets you have a decentralized, trusted ledger. It's made in a way that when you create a new block (#2), it has a reference to the block that proceeded it (block #1) -- hence the chain. Since each block in the change is "built" from the block before it, people can't just go in and change block #2 because then block #3, #4, etc. won't work properly. What people put into the block may be transaction records (Bitcoin) or Smart Contract (Ethereum) or data.
  • I don't understand it completely. I Googled it but I don't understand if the data is able to be manipulated by users how it is incorruptible. Or if it's read only how is it updated simultaneously? I'm not investment savvy and wouldn't trust my own advice, but I do find it an interesting topic. Thank you for your question! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • Bitcoin is better.
    • Bill
      It's my understanding the Bitcoin is a blockchain. Blockchain is the lower layer and Bitcoin is one application built on top of it. A Ethereum is another.
  • it is if its legit and you want to get it
  • I'm just worried they're going to find some underlying flaw that will make the whole system unravel.
  • It is definitely worth investing in the blockchain technology. The blockchain is the biggest technological revolution of this decade. The blockchain seamlessly links blocks of data together and creates a ledger that is inherently resistant to modification of the past data. The blockchain is not just limited to Bitcoin but there are other coins out there with their own blockchain and they are putting it use to solve real issues that we face. For instance, DeepOnion [$ONION] uses its blockchain in its DeepVault feature. The DeepVault will scan any documents you like and determine its hash value. It then imprints the hash value onto the DeepOnion blockchain. Anyone with a document purporting to be the original can have the DeepVault scan it and if it has the identical hash value then its definitive proof that the document has not been modified in any shape or form. This has real world use to mortgage brokers, attorneys, accountants.... the list just goes on. There are other uses to the blockchain and I'll use DeepOnion again as an example. DeepOnion is going to have "smart contracts". Smart contracts are decentralized applications, or dApps, which allow for the automatic transfer of digital assets between wallets based upon pre-specified conditions. These automatic transfers are easy, fast and performed without error. Of course, the blockchain is updated with every smart contract execution as well. There are even ways to utilize the blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger, and simultaneously protect your privacy. DeepOnion is a private coin that will use complex "mixing" to anonymously send coins from one wallet to a series of other wallets and from there to the final destination. Its 100% untraceable and still has the backing of the blockchain. In short, its definitely not a fad and the blockchain is here to stay!
    • Gorgeous011235
      I agree with you Haus..the blockchain is definitely the biggest technological revolution of this decade and maybe of the century... I am a crypto enthusiast actually..i started buying some bitcoin a couple of years ago and now i am investing full time in cryptocurrencies..always looking for the next good opportunity ;) I like privacy coins and i have invested some money in DeepOnion recently...i think this coin has it all to succeed in the market and it's a very good opportunity..especially for naive crypto investors who look for a coin that is still affordable and that can grow well in the future..i didn't know about the DeepVault feature..sounds very useful..i will take a look at it...

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