• I am praying that my new school accepts my math class as credit for a college course. that would be permanent.
  • Well, the shooting of the Kennedies was the end of American democracy, but I suppose that COULD be a short term view, if in the longer term of history, the people take their guns and shoot all the politicians and corporate jerks and take their country back. .... The problem with the long term view is I wont be alive still by the time the way things have gone changes. The short term view encompasses all of my life and experience, and it has been all about being told I'm part of a great thing and then seeing it get taken away by greedy evil people and their stupid stupid parrot-headed supporters.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, so the SHORT answer then is....from my viewpoint, yup, it's permanent. From what I heard two days ago the republicans arent even allowing any further elections. (half of them agreed with Trump that the 2020 presidential election should be suspended. And the people didn't even start shooting EVEN AT THAT. People suck. They're so stupid and worthless.

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