• Just tell him it's the largest one you've ever seen and all will be ok.
    • Linda Joy
      Yay! Mr. Floppy! It's so good to see you again!
    • Linda Joy
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      :D Hi Linda Joy! Thank you.
  • do you masturbate to gay porn?
  • Do you want to see some nude pictures of your wife?
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! My ex came home one day and said he had read things written about me on a mensroom wall in the building where I worked. I suppose it was all fun and games to whomever wrote it. And that helped me forgive them. But it was troubling to my ex. Pics would be even worse!
    • Azlotto
      Worse, indeed.
  • Why don't you stop and ask for directions ?
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! Sooo many implications!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      ooh, he's so right though. We HATE that girly question! It's like saying, "Why don't you pretend you have no testies, and pull over next to that man down there and tell him he is a bigger man than you so could he please handle your stuff for you." OUCH. And you know, it isn't silly. Our ego works the way it does for reasons which helped us survive! ALSO, science found, men have magnetic particles in our noses, like other animals do! (not joking) so that we actually CAN sense direction. Women DO NOT have this! SO when a woman selfishly ignorantly starts demanding a man act like a girl, well...that's like hearing you say why don't we sit to pee and wear a dress. And we've told you people this, but you keep doing it anyway. And who's driving anyway? MM.. Also.....when I was younger i DID ask directions a few times. And guess what they did to me? THEY TOLD ME TO GO TAKE 5 LEFT HAND TURNS!!!! (You know that trick? When I was a kid we lived in a campground area, so there were always lost tourists in the summers, and we'd tell them in all seriousness, to go down there, and turn left, than at the end of that street, take a left, and so on. And the result was we'd see that same car come by about 20 minutes later, with the driver looking confused and dismayed. And far be it from me to laugh at that now, but when we were 12, yea that was pretty hysterical to us!! - When a man asks directions, he abandons his testicles and risks being used for a joke, because men rip on other men, and call it bonding. do these magnetic particles help us find a place we don't know how to get to? Well obviously we start with some clues where we're going. usually it's a matter of driving in concentric circles, until said circle closes in on the destination. In general though just understand, if we're facing east, and then start driving west, we have a way of sensing we're going the wrong way. A woman doesn't. She HAS TO ask. We can drive a couple three circles and go "there it is!". And that's what we do. Please don't emasculate us. (You want me to give you one? Okay I will: I think men SHOULD sit to pee. I do. Because when friends come over, they THINK they're hitting the toilet, but half of it never does AND I HAVE TO CLEAN IT. Maybe part of this is aging problems, I don't know, I just increasingly would like to ask my guests to wait till we drive somewhere and mess up someone else's bathroom. (I've had friends in the past who would have the guests go pee in their yard.This is a known problem, even though I will probably get kicked out of the man Union now that I have given away our secret so we can no longer claim we have perfect accuracy, and the dog must have done it.
  • Are you a man?
  • Do you have big hands.
  • anything personal that he dont want to share

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