• YES YES YES.......IT'S BASED on a very ancient Chinese principal......DO NOT be afraid, the needles are so tiny you can't even tell they've been inserted. I went for dry eyes & dry mouth....he was from China, and his dad TAUGHT it I felt VERY secure in what he did.......his Asian wife always gave me a gently facial/neck massage each time, no extra charge. Talked with a lady in the waiting room.....she'd been a smoker for 25 years, 2 packs a day!! she said that in THREE VISITS SHE no longer wanted to smoke. so yes, it does work, for MANY MANY's pricey, but then so are prescription drugs... I CANNOT MORE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ACUPUNCTURE. so look into it!!!!!!! and do it now!!!! (lol :-D)
    • Pooja Kaur
      Thanku you very much for great advise

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