• Nope. Once you have the idea it is no longer unreal.
  • Beaker is living proof.
    • tominhouston
      I'm guessing Beaker is a who?
    • Anoname
      We're not sure if it's a him or an it.
    • Linda Joy
      This is Beaker:
  • No, especially when someone says "I love you" and their love is unreal.
  • Definitely! "Definition of unreal. : lacking in reality, substance, or genuineness : artificial, illusory; also : incredible, fantastic." People who lack sincerity or genuineness exist! IMHO Porn would fit this definition and it definitely exists! And as for incredible and fantastic unreal! Definitely exists!
    • Anoname
      This would get the asker's pick tag if that still existed on AB.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you! So if it did still exist, and you selected an answer this early would you be able to change it later, if a better answer popped up? Just curious.
    • Anoname
      I remember once having two asker's pick selections hold.
    • Linda Joy
      Cool, thanks!

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