• I would like for skinny jeans and leggings to go away- and for comfortable curvy jeans and bell bottoms to make a comeback!
    • BRG
      hey, if you like them, wear them; NEVER worry about 'what's in or out'........just enjoy your clothes and your body!!
    • AskingForaFriend
      Hey thanks! I do! It's just been hard to shop for non-skinny pants for like 6 years. I now shop on eBay's vintage jeans section haha
    • AskingForaFriend
      I am revisiting this a few years later to say that I am getting my wish. Skinny jeans are dying out!
  • my parents since theyre both gone
    • Linda Joy
      Mine too. I'm hoping they are better off. At least my mom is no longer suffering!
    • bostjan64
      Great answer. I miss all of the family members I've lost over the years, most of all my dad. I also miss the simpler time when my cousins got along with each other. Now they can't even be in the same building as each other, and it makes me sad. But, on the other hand, I'm personally much stronger than I was then, so, it's kind of like two steps forward for every one step back. Hopefully you can also find a way to make improvements in your own life to outweigh the losses you've experienced.
  • yo-yo's
  • Saturday morning cartoons. First we have to guillotine the PC Police...I got dibs as volunteer executioner!
  • enforcement of the Constitution, our immigration laws, and our voting integrity. all have been lost in the past 6 months. 😕
    • bostjan64
      Where were you the 200 years before that?!
  • #1 Wild, Wild West (not some crappy remake movie, but a well-written action TV series, with decent actors) #2 Fins on cars (All cars should have fins. It just looks cooler.) #3 All stores closed on Sundays, except for pharmacies open 1/2 day. Gas stations and restaurants can stay open.

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