• I would invite Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, Harry Potter and James Bond. I would drug them and chain them up in my basement until I received the following items: 1. I would phone Jesus's father and demand immortality. 2. From Santa I would demand the gift of any female I touched to find me sexually attractive. 3. Harry must teach me all his magical powers and how to kill my enemies with the waving of my wand. 4. After receiving all these requests I would kill Mr. Bond with six bullets to his brain and heart. Why didn't all his "villains" just do that when they had the chance ? P.S. Forget about the food. I'll get takeout later.
    • Linda Joy
      Entertaining as always thank you!
    • beaker95
      Hello, Lindy Loo, my bestest friend in the whole world. Well, in the Deep South anyway. How are you, today ?
    • Linda Joy
      I only just saw this I'm sorry. I've actually been in a lot of pain lately, but I'm hanging in there! How are you?
  • Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Carl Sagan and Bill Clinton....because I want a dialogue with funny and intelligent people, with musical talent. And I want them to play funny board games with me one night a week. And we can jam, and give Bill a hard time about getting bj's and not inhaling. (Hey I liked him, he did good things and the 90s's were a good time. I don't care what liars say! He was a Rhodes scholar, very smart, and plays an instrument (sax), and knows how to laugh, and talk about broads ....So I think he's worth a try as a poker buddy. Carl Sagan is a personal hero of mine. His intellect was wonderfully fascinating and not stupid. Joe Walsh is like....well if you saw him on Letterman years ago, or ever heard his earthquake story, yea. Joe!!!!! And Neil goes without explaining. A rare character indeed. Wont kill you with expectability, because he isnt predictable. I think these could be interesting people, and we could tell jokes at the very least, and listen to my MC Hawking albums. ......................Oh and if any of these picks don't work out, possible other picks could be Phil Hartman, Charlie Sheen, Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett, and such. And since this is a magical hypothetical, I reserve the right to invite them all as 30- 40 years old, not 70 and/or dead as they all are now.
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds like an interesting evening!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I think I'm due one of those! lol (I spent the last 2,000+ evenings curled up with the cat watching reruns. *thinks* Well.. he's a good little pal though, Captain Meow. I dont mind so much. (Just wish he was a better Canasta player, and maybe would cook sometimes, or work a part time job, but...he does make giant stinky boo's, and no one else has the magic ability to get me to pick those up for them, so he's obviously got something going for him. Tonight we're going to watch Monty Python and eat cranberry orange muffins and tea. (He loves those.)(Oh wait, it's me who loves those) (HE just likes fish paste.) *sigh* So when are my guests arriving??
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I might invite beaker and Ice Man and you too. But then I'd have to invite 5 others from AB as well, and my table just isn't that big. I always thought it was big. Very big. But then there was that incident with that girl laughing and pointing. ( table, of course) *blink, blink blink* Okay I'll just get a bigger table then. And then Red Foxx can come too.

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