• Linda Joy
      So when someone asks you who do you intend to please with that tiny thing do you smile real big and answer, "Me of course!"
  • I can spot a man's dick inside his boxers every time....... .......I can tell when a guy's wearing briefs by the oh-so-sexy 'line' under his pants...... ................I know how to shop for the best produce at the store....... .
    • Linda Joy
      Me too! Though I try not to ogle the jewels overtly.
    • BRG
      I try to be 'discreet' & over the years have come up with ways to look without them knowing I"m looking! lol.....chances are they have NO idea that you are checking them out....I get the biggest kick out of guys with nice butts showing them off without realizing that that's what they're doing.....or do they know? LOL....either way, it's fun to see.........
    • Creamcrackered
      Apparently it's an instinct for all women to size up a man, their eyes are automatically drawn to the shoulder size and then down to the dick department, once you become aware that you do it naturally it can be quite embarrassing. Still can't beat the men in lycra in the 100 metre sprint can you?
  • I am a genius. I am very sexy. I have a tiny penis.
    • Creamcrackered
      Is your name Justin? Only joking, it's what you do with it, and the angle of the dangle that's also important.
  • Really love Juicy Fruit gum but can't eat it. Don't like to run out of things so I sometimes buy two. Wish I had a really good telescope to look at the night sky.
  • im a twin, i have two brothers, i have a half sister
  • I am good at math but I sometimes forget to count all the way to three. Was that enough?
  • In this subject, you forgot to add a question mark to your so-called question. What a disaster. lol
  • I don't have any little facts, but I do have 3 big facts about myself. Hot, smart and dominant.
  • I suffer pain, chocolate won't last the night in my house, I avoid gossips.
  • If I told you, they wouldn't be little known facts anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      They would be if you whisper them in my ear!

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