• I like the oatmeal raisin cookies. And oh yes as mentioned already chocolate chip cookies.
    • Rick Myres
      I don't care what they look like if I can eat em.
  • No idea who said it first without looking it up. I've seen people post that on social media, though. I have no problem with oatmeal raisin cookies, nor chocolate chip cookies, as long as they are packed with unhealthy vitamin sugar and baked well.
    • Linda Joy
      And I don't remember! I'd choose an oatmeal raisin for my kid, but a chocolate chip for myself.
  • Raisins are the devil's turds.
    • Linda Joy
      Hahaha. I like raisins. Aren't they supposed to prevent sties?
  • I admit I prefer chocolate chip cookies given the choice, but I still eat the raisin ones, they are still nice.
  • I don't know but it made me laugh, so I've identified with that at some point!
  • I you cannot tell the difference between them, then he's a bigger idiot than he sounds like.
    • Linda Joy
      Me or him? You get -10 points for a mixed subject. "I you"? You get -10 for failing to proofread -30 for having no sense of humor and -50 for calling anyone an idiot while appearing illiterate. That's just how the cookie crumbles!

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