• Linda Joy
      That's a nice fantasy but seldom works out in the real world!
    • beaker95
    • Linda Joy
      Amen to that! I thank god everyday for my fantasies!
  • Yes, actually, but there are some whom I wouldn't lead there. Someone else can try getting through to them.
    • Linda Joy
      some people are toxic that's for sure! You have to protect yourself as well.
  • No one is denied the chance to change their is up to us.
    • Linda Joy
      yes it's up to each individual to choose for themselves.
  • The Lord God assures us of redemption if we put our trust and love on the Lord Jesus. He provided the way but it is our choice to receive.
    • Linda Joy
    • Thinker
      I will have to say Pervyrude comes very close to being beyond redemption but I will still hold out hope for even him.
    • Linda Joy
      with some people you have to look a lot harder to find the good. But I believe it's there
  • 9-26-2017 Dead people are beyond redemption. I mean unless you are mormon or something. My brother got baptized fourteen times in behalf of fourteen dead people.
    • pugwashjw65
      According to scripture [Eccl 9: 5,6,10 ] we simply do not exist after death...and in no way can we be responsible for other people...Scriptual instruction is aimed at each and every be obedient... Only false religion puts the responsibility for many on a few religious leaders...e.g. the Pope...He cannot save [redeem ] you..
    • pugwashjw65
      What you state is not supported by scripture...fourteen or forty thousand, still not supported,,,
  • No I don't
  • All people have the opportunity to grasp the truth within themselves
  • Nope! Hard to understand huh?
  • Yes at death, anybody who dies without Jesus has thrown all the opportunists away. Nobody is ever good enough Jesus is the only way.
  • No. Everyone is beyond redemption.... it's why you have a whole lifetime to try and qualify for an iota of it.
  • No one is beyond redemption. When it come to a pathological liar however, proof is needed before I would believe it. I do not get a witness to any change even in the smallest ways. Nothing.
  • The New Catholic Encyclopedia admits: “Many and divergent systems have been developed to explain how man is delivered from the evil of sin and restored to grace. But none of these systems has been totally successful. The theology of the Redemption is in some part unachieved and continues to pose itself as a problem in theology.” The confusion surrounding Christ’s death and what it means stands as a roadblock to faith. Is the significance of Christ’s death simply a mystery beyond human comprehension? Or is there a reasonable, Bible-based explanation of it? “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life. Whoever exercises faith in him is not to be judged. Whoever does not exercise faith has been judged already, because he has not exercised faith in the name of the only-begotten Son of God. 
  • The Bible says but as for the sin the blasphemy against the holy Spirit I will not forgive not in this life and not in the next. The Bible also says God will have mercy upon those that he chooses to have mercy upon. Now it's important that you understand this thing that they call the godhead we're not talking about a three-in-one nonsensical God. We go back to Genesis chapter 1 to the original old Bible and the spirit of God was pacing back and forth like a pregnant woman about to give birth. And then God said let there be light and then there was light we skip over to Hebrews chapter 1 for a minute so we can find out who that light was Jesus Christ the light of the world he wasn't called Jesus back in those days he was called logos the word of God.. And then we skip over a chapter or two and God says to his spirit and to his logos let us make man in our image and that's what he did and he created them male and female in his own image. So what does that tell you my friend that tells you that one of those three people standing there doing the creating was a man and one was a woman and one was a child. Because that's what God created in his image. Now that you understand who the godhead is you can understand that Jesus Christ isn't going to forgive you when you talk bad about his mama. When you insult a man's wife you don't run to the Son and ask him to forgive you. You run to the man's wife and to the man and you beg forgiveness and hope to God that the man doesn't beat you to death. Perhaps the man and the woman will forgive you perhaps the man will punch you in the mouth a couple of times and warn you never to do it again. This is where your redemption comes in friend. That's the exception to redemption right there you can be redeemed by Jesus Christ for any other problem but if you talk bad about his mama you're going to have to go in front of God and in front of his mama and face the music! And you had better hope that you can convince God that you're truly sorry for talking bad about the mother of all creation. Now of course we're not talking a little giant man and a giant woman here we're talking about the spiritual equivalent so that you can understand

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