• I think its a good idea for them to keep their money separate, but to each their own.
  • Yes definitely
  • 7-23-2017 It is almost impossible to follow a budget when two people are spending the money in a single account. Split it up so you both know your exact limits.
  • I think It is a wonderful Idea to keep their Money.
    • Linda Joy
      From what I understand you're not married. It looks good in theory, but in practice when they start asking you can I have this can I have that you start to feel more like a parent than a partner it's not so much fun. Especially when you're the one that has to pay all the bills and make it all work because they turned their money over to you. Been there done that, didn't like it. I prefer a responsible adult for a partner than a child that wants you to be their parent and absolve them of any responsibility.
    • Camila Henry
      Yes! They should have separate account.
  • No. When you get married, you're in a partnership. Keeping money separate, to me, is half-assing it.
    • Linda Joy
      Valid point. I can see benefits to doing it both ways, but the full partnership factor is key regardless of which strategy they choose! Too many get caught up in 'yours' and 'mine'. Legally once you're married anything they screw up goes on YOUR credit rating, too, regardless of separate accounts!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I just don't get the point of keeping it separate. What does one plan on doing with the mortgage? Each write a check for half the amount? Electric bill? Each one shop for their own groceries, or one person does it and owes the other money for their half of the milk? Dumb.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      If you don't trust the other person with money, you're marriage is already doomed.
    • Linda Joy
      Separate accounts doesn't necessarily mean separate money. It just means the other person can't write a check and 'forget' to record it and screw up the check register. I think as long as the two agree on how to spend the money its fine either way. But if someone doesn't understand how math works they shouldn't be in charge of the bills unless they work on a cash only basis! Just sayin'
  • Well I"m gay so obviously never married but I could never understand why some couples COMBINE all their money! Excuse me?? I'd want my own money under my can always get together when it comes to making those big purchases; appliances, furniture, etc...but I"d want my own money..........never combined!!!!!!!!!
    • Linda Joy
      A conditional/partial partnership then, rather than a full one? (Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's what works for the both of you.) Are you saying you're a gay man who doesn't believe in gay marriage? Or that it's just not for you? Legally when you're married your finances are combined regardless of who claims what. If they screw up money it's on your credit rating to!
  • Depends on how responsible each person is with money, maybe each have a personal and a joint account.

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