• Not sure where you're coming from with this question, but the answer is ....yes. I've danced on both sides of that sword, and the answer is definitely ... Yes !
    • Linda Joy
      it occurred to me spiritually first. But then I realized the human side of the equation which is what inspired me to post it here. I endured evil in men early in my life I've also known kindness and even agape love! I just don't think I would have appreciated the agape love nearly as much if I hadn't endured the evil men. But this can look different from varying perspectives.
  • Most definitely! You can't appreciate what's good until you are fully aware of your immorality.
  • Definitely. It's like when you're healthy most of the time and you look at others who are sick and you can't empathize. As soon as you're sick, you really appreciate what well is.
    • Linda Joy
  • Could be...If there is no good or bad, perfection would be overlooked.
  • 9-26-2017 What a du- ... Uh, I mean, I don't understand why you would say such a thing. You don't have to die to appreciate living.
  • No. Adam and Eve never knew evil. In fact they never knew "good" either. They only knew of sin and forgiveness.
    • Linda Joy
      I believe they did after they partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil.

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