• 7-12-2017 Deaf people flap their mouths a lot when they sign, because that is what their teachers do. So talking with a full mouth would be quite messy.
    • samsuncilingir
      Guzel payla?im
  • You clearly don't think much, then. It is still rude as what the heck do you think they are signing with? Their mouth and eyes? There will be an almighty mess as they will be throwing food everywhere trying to eat and sign at the same time.
    • Linda Joy
      You lie.
  • I should imagine so because they still use facial expressions as part of conveying sign language. I was in a bar once and there was a group of deaf people sitting have a drink and a chat, it was really fascinating to witness. I did join a class to learn sign language but had to drop it six weeks in as I had overloaded myself with other classes, it was really interesting.
  • No, deafness and mental health problems go hand in hand. Rude behaviors are common among people with communication difficulties.
  • I would not communicate in sign language while eating unless they were blind as well.😖
    • Peking Boulevard Guy
  • yes , becasue i've seen many on TV using sign language and they use facial expressions lots ,so chewing food at the same time may not be good
  • Only if they are eating soup.

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