• I'm a mansvestite!
    • Linda Joy
      What does that mean exactly?
    • Natz
      Is that not a women that looks like a man?
    • Linda Joy
      I always thought of that black spot as being male. Are you supposed to be a black hole?
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I'm staying nutral on this..unnewtered..nutural
  • Relistening to my own voice notes on WhatsApp directly after sending it, singing out loud with headphones in my ears. talking to myself while driving in the car and yours?
    • Linda Joy
      The fringe and the notebook thing. I'm also easily distracted.
  • Chaturbate for a long time.
  • love this question.......I HATE HATE HATE CONTRASTING STITCHING ON know, like watchbands, belts, me it looks cheesy and crummy. also hate multi-colored, jewelry, etc......NOTHING MULTI-COLORED is nice........always looks cheap and trashy........... so remember folks, never buy or wear anything multi-colored; it screams' i have no taste' and is always trashy looking.........I'm serious!!
    • Linda Joy
      are you saying that every piece of clothing you own is one solid color?
    • BRG
      well you got me!!! I was referring to everything OTHER than clothing such as jewelry; saw an expensive ring on one of the shopping channels; that sucker was over $1,000, and was made up of multi-colored stones......looked like it came out of a gumball machine or Cracker Jack box!! there is just SOMETHING about multi-colors that never looks nice or expensive for some strange reason........but yes, in clothing it's OK & thanks for pointing that out to me.........!!
    • Victorine
      I will agree that multicolored jewelry often does look cheap, but that certainly is not true for clothing. Restraint is always tasteful, but clothing can be both multicolored and restrained. However, why would you expect ANYTHING sold by some shopping channel to be tasteful? I wouldn't buy anything from one of those channels for any reason.
  • I'm a weird person, so I don't even really know where to start with this question. I absolutely hate how Styrofoam feels against my teeth. I hate the feeling of numbness probably more than any pain feeling, and I can't stand the smell of white vinegar for some reason.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't like to touch fringe or the torn paper ripped from spiral notebooks, and I don't like the smell of cantaloupe.
  • I Google daily on news on conjoined twins aka Siamese twins . I feel joyful when they are successfully separated or if they can't be how they cope.
  • I hate plastic cups and all drinking material made of it. Plastic maintains the taste of whatever came before. I only drink from glass. 😄
    • Linda Joy
      We're opposite there. I sanitize my dishes with bleach water so no smell but fresh and clean. I'm afraid of breaking glass stuff. I have hand tremors sometimes.
  • All my "things" are perfectly normal (to me)!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh sure! Claim normal and let the rest of us feel weird! haha
    • Professor Yaffle
      Others may judge some of my "things" as weird, that's up to them. As I said, normal to me!
  • I sing out loud, vulgarities. I asked a neighbor just yesterday if she ever heard me, she said no.
  • I'm an extreme non conformist. I don't want Reddit or Quora, I want this site. I don't want the Play station 5, I want a Nintendo 64 that still works.
  • This is it.

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