• Breasts, Thighs, Legs. Mmmmm - we are talking about chicken. Seasoned fries. I wouldn't want the biscuits that gets served at places that prepare chicken. They tend to crumble apart at the very first bite. I'll make my own fluffier biscuits.
    • Linda Joy
      You make biscuits? I used to have to be at work at 4am to make biscuits. Then I'd clean up and go to school.
    • Linda Joy
      Kfc's biscuits come already made we just heat them. Hardees sells chicken and they make fresh biscuits.
    • Anoname
      Not from scratch. The golden layer cans you can get at any grocery store.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I almost asked if they were canned, but I didn't want to sound insulting if you actually did make them from scratch. Even when I made them for a restaurant it was a bag of mix and buttermilk. I had two managers though and one liked the biscuits thicker than the other.
  • Not this one:
    • Linda Joy
      I refuse to believe that's a fried rat. This is from Snopes did they say it was true? I was transferred to a KFC that had a mouse in it and they acted like it was no big deal I'm like oh no! I called the Exterminator and they came and said they would set traps for it. I said no you don't understand I need this rat out of here today! I told him the health department will shut me down they said you don't understand we can't do that. We will set the traps. They caught it before the health department saw it and I was thankful for it. But that rat in the picture was an extra crispy it would have had to have been battered twice! No way you're going to confuse a furry rat for a piece of plucked chicken! Unless some kid did it on purpose trying to be funny!
  • I don't care for fried anything...too much fat from frying. But when I have to eat fried chicken I prefer the boobs.
    • Linda Joy
      I usually bake mine, for the same reason. Well that and there's less cleanup when I bake the chicken. When I fry Chicken there's a bit of a mess to be had with the flour.
  • Disgusting, when will the US learn!
  • Thigh, please, and it has to be juicy, none of that dry crap that sponges the slobber out of my mouth. :P
  • I prefer the dark meat...Does that mean I'm a racist?
    • Wakko
      I'm going to have some of both for supper. Does that make me a zebra? :P
    • Azlotto
      LMAO! Yes, in fact, it does.
  • i like all of thern
  • I like the wings the best. My mother taught me to cut up a fryer and she always cut a fair size piece of the breast on the end of the wing, making it a bigger piece of meat.
  • I prefer roast chicken, and I don't mind what part of the chicken that I eat.
  • I used to be all about the drumsticks, but now give me a big old breast.
  • All parts of the chicken are great.

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