• Ketchup is good on everything use it all the time, go through a lot of it a month. Around here the people are from Venezuela china, Korea, Mexico nobody celebrates anything at all. It used to be awesome when all Italians were here. I remember them blowing up the whole neighborhood in fact some one let a cherry bomb go off and it ruptured a sewer line. Not good
    • Linda Joy
      I use ketchup to make bbq sauce! I use mayo and relish more than any other condiments. I use a lot of hot pepper.
    • Linda Joy
      But on a hot dog I like raw onion
    • ARTICFOX700
      sauerkraut is good also
    • BRG
      ketchup is GARBAGE.......over 1/2 sugar!! read your labels, people.....5 grams is = to one teaspoon of if you eat/drink something with, say, 25 gr. of sugar per ounce or serving, THAT'S FIVE TEASPOONS OF SUGAR YOU'RE EATING!!!! .......BUT yes, it you like it, catsup, in moderation, is fine on hot dogs.....also relish (another SUGAR LADEN PRODUCT!!!) & mustard.......and again, look at how hot dogs are'll never eat them about animal cruelty.....but that's another topic, right?????
    • Linda Joy
      Not a fan of kraut, Fox. BRG, you're right! Skip the ketchup I'll take my sugar with chocolate!
  • A hot dog just ain't a hot dog without mustard & relish, and it is greatly improved with the addition of diced onion and topped off with some sauerkraut or slaw. To keep this all together a bun is required, and preferably steamed.
    • Linda Joy
      I had figured you for a grilled bun. Goes to show you never know.
  • 7-3-2017 Ketchup is ok on fries, but fries are just as good without it. A hot dog is short on flavor, so it needs mustard to make it taste right. Relish is good, but it starts to seem like salad at some point. I like corn dogs, rather than white buns.
    • Linda Joy
      I prefer corn dogs to white buns as well. But I'm not real big on hot dogs anyway. I don't like hardly anything sour. That includes mustard and sauerkraut.
  • Mustard, mustard, mustard! Any sandwich even hot dogs have to have mustard! So my unbiased vote is for mustard on hotdogs!
    • Linda Joy
      Yellow mustard, brown mustard, spicy mustard, honey musta rd, Dijon mustard?
    • Thinker
      Spicy mustard and a few Jalapeños on top.
    • Thinker
      Hmmmm, I have tried several times to put a tilde "n" in there but it won't do it. OH well I think you get the idea.
    • Jewels Vern
      I had thought that was a browser function, but apparently the site software pukes. It won't do anything after those alt codes. Testing ... ? ... ? ...
    • Linda Joy
      I just had to try it! Ññ At first answerbag converted it to a ? but it worked upon editing.Nope it keeps changing it back.
  • I'm a ketchup-only sort of guy. Don't give me none of that yellow crap.
  • i think you should put whatever you want on it
  • Bun, brown/deli mustard and kraut. Not a fan of the onions - makes it too wet. Ketchup on a dog? Bleccch!
  • I'll take either one. I also like them with relish.
  • I like Kimchi on hot dogs...No need for mustard or ketchup.
  • i dont think so, i think ketchup is okay
  • I like my hot dogs plain and then I get to add my condiments (e.g. ketchup, relish, etc.)
  • I always put ketchup on my hot dogs.
  • put whatever you want in it
  • I always have ketchup on hot dogs. I don't like mustard.
  • Chili, cheddar and extra mustard
  • Hot Dog? You mean racoon and floor meat? The reason for all those condiments is so you don't taste whatever crap is in that bun
  • I like to put only a mustard. Bread, sausage, mustard. Nothing more. But everything is up to you and your preferences.

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