• 7-2-2017 Yes, of course. No, but I have been just kidding burned. So on the 5th of July the teacher asked us to write what we learned on the 4th. One boy wrote "Don't eat pancakes with syrup for breakfast."
    • Linda Joy
      Why do I even try?
  • Not accidently. But used to love impromptu BBQ's and bonfires with the lads in my younger days - even got a few of them burned by my craziness back then.
  • When I was a small child,about three or four,I was playing with matches in our bathroom,and our trash can caught fire because once I lit the match,the fire burned my finger tips and I threw the lit match in the bathroom trash. It scared me,but I yelled for my family,and they used water to put the fire out. We were lucky that day!

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