• Pet doors are easier to install on a flat surface, but you can install a dog door in raised and lowered panel doors. The best way is to try to straddle the lower/recessed area of one of the panels so that the doggy door sits on the flat area in the middle, on the side, and below the recessed panel. The doggy door frame will cross the recessed area on the top, so you will be left with a gap. The easiest way to fill this gap is to get battens or shims from a hardware store, and cut them to fit into the gap between the door and the recessed panel. When that gap is mostly filled in, caulk the remaining areas to seal the doggy door to the surface of the people door. If the gaps are not too deep you can also use a squishy foam weather stripping, available online or locally. It's best to use a pet door with a flexible flap if you have this type of door.. The reason is, rigid flaps can easily bind in their frames if there is any misalignment, whereas flexible flaps are more forgiving. Here is a link to some solutions to common installation problems on our site. Source:

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