• She's in a prison cell (next to Peter Piper : it's a co-ed jail) for breaking & entering and vandalism. Hansel and Grettel are also incarserated there for murdering some old lady with her own oven. So, yea - I agree.
  • I'd have bent her over the kitchen table and taught her a hard lesson or two. Three, if there was any porridge left.
    • Linda Joy
      Be gentlemanly enough to either clear the table first or clean up the mess after!
    • beaker95
      I would expect Blondie to do all that, seein' as she is the woman. Just sayin'.
    • Linda Joy
      In that case I doubt you'd have ever gotten her bent over that table! Just sayin!
    • beaker95
      Harsh. But very true. I don't suppose I could bend you over a kitchen table, Linda ? If I promise to wipe it before and after ? And the table.
    • Linda Joy
      There are few things that could get me bent over a table. Like studying scripture, putting a puzzle together, rolling out some biscuit dough...
    • Anoname
      ...or me...

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