• Extremist groups are trying to overthrow the Syrian Government to establish an ultra-Conservative religious Islamic State. The US has has had plans for decades to seize natural resources by the south end of the Caspian in nearby Iran, which will probably be split between the US and Israel. Among these plans are natural gas pipelines that will run through Iran, Iraq, and Syria to Europe and another that will run east to India. Both Iran and the US/Israel team have the same plan for the lines, the only difference being the proposed names of the lines. Whoever controls and capitalizes on the Iranian resources will have arguably the greatest economic power in the Eastern Hemisphere by the mid 21st century.
    • Linda Joy
      I need to learn more. Isn't Russia involved as well?
    • MrX
      Yes. Iran and Syria are neighbors of Russia, and they are good neighbors to each other and maintain fair and symbiotic trade relations. If Russia respects those countries enough to not conquer and raid them, how do you think they feel about the US trying to do it?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Conquer? The US is trying to conquer Syria?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Don't forget Hezbollah, Mr X. Syria accepts support from Hezbollah, which most countries in the free world have declared a terrorist organization. And Iran? One of the, if not the, largest state sponsor of terrorism around the world.
  • The same thing that was going on during the American revolution. Just Americans on the rampage casual.

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