• I used to change the oil in my cars and trucks but now it is easier to just take it in. don't have to hassle with what to do with the old oil and putting it up on ramps. My days as a mechanic are pretty well over.
  • No...A local "quick change" does oil change and lube for $29.95.
    • Linda Joy
      I have changed oil myself before. But back when I had a vehicle I'd take it to Walmart because I had to shop there anyway may as well get it done while I shop.
  • Sometimes, but not often enough.
    • Linda Joy
      So do you always do it yourself, you sometimes take it to get done?
    • Anoname
      Mostly have it done, but you have to watch mechanics around here or they'll sabotage your vehicle to make it come back for more costly repairs.
  • Yes.Thanks for the reminder. I'm due!
    • Linda Joy
      Yes you do it yourself? What do you do with the old oil?
  • OH HELL NO....i'm not in the least 'mechanical' & no matter how easy everyone says it is to do, my time's more valuable than to do that..that's what mechanics are for.......bless 'em!! ......I"ll gladly pay a fair price to have it done!!!!!!!!! and besides, where would I get a lift to the car up on? see, I do know at least that much about it!!!!!! LOL :-D
    • Linda Joy
      My son said his dad teaching him how to fix our plumbing is what made him want to earn enough so he could always pay someone else to do it!
  • Nope. I get my uncle to change the oil of my vehicle in his garage.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to take the vehicles to Walmart to get them serviced I was going to be shopping there anyway I may as well get it done while I shop

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