• That would depend on whether or not the grade was going on a permanent record. If I "knew I was beat" and it was going on my permanent record I'd drop the class. If I needed it in order to complete my degree I'd audit the class so that I could learn the information and then I would go back and retake the class and get a better grade. If it's not going on a permanent record then yes definitely that way I can learn how much I know, what I got wrong and then learn the right information.
    • Boola Boo
      Thank You. I have a professor who is very misleading with her information. I'm sorry she has 200 students (so she says) but if the work load is too much for her she should have dropped a few classes and concentrated on making sure her syllabus and other information is up to date.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you considered, or do you even think you need a tutor?
  • On my College entrance exam I knew I'd do mediocre at best. This was the mid 80's and calculator watches were popular. I had one and wore it to the test, and used it. The others who were taking the same test saw me using it but said nothing. I think they were jealous that they hadn't thought of it. Turns out I did pretty good on the math section.......It's kind'a like when Captain Kirk altered the conditions of the Kobiashi Maru test to beat the no win scenario. I got creative.
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't go to college until at least 10 Years After High School. I knew that I knew how to figure the problems out I just couldn't remember how to do it. And I didn't even think until I was almost finished that I could just plug in the answer because it was a multiple choice! Duh! I scored so so poorly on the math portion that I only lacked a couple of points of having to go to remedial math! I quickly caught back up though in fact I ended up graduating with a 103 average in algebra and that was brought down one point because I missed one question on my final

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