• Well there were three, the biggest was not playing ball with my boss and he let me go after 13 years. I never was able to recover from that one. Second Had a chance back in College to marry the girl next door. She was really beautiful both families were waiting for me to pop the question but I chased her off , Third When horses were legal to gamble on they had this bet were you pick the first 2 horses in 2 different races in two different tracks, they must come in 1st and 2nd in both races, my father placed the bet cost me $2 then I changed my mind he said"I will give you the money because there closing " but no had him cancel the bet and for my troubles it came in and paid $10,000. Never lived that down.
    • Linda Joy
      What do you mean by playing ball? How long ago was that? Why did you run her off? Was she not the one?
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I've missed you!
    • Anoname
      Shocking ! That really sparks something.
  • I have made several big mistakes and can't say one was any bigger than the other. I should have stayed in the Navy and had a good career and retirement. I shouldn't have married my three wives I would have been much better off. I should have never left Colorado because I would be living there now. Can't afford to move there now. there were more.
    • Linda Joy
      I left the Navy for the sake of my family as well. But I do it again. I've often said I should never have gotten married at the age of 18. But I also realize if I hadn't I might not have my son. And I chose to live in Alabama first because it's where my son's father was from and it was his home and secondly after I got divorced my son said that this was home to him so I stayed here because it was his home. Now I'm here without either one of them and it's my home.
    • Thinker
      Children suffer in so many ways from the mistakes parents make. Too many of us enter a marriage for the wrong reasons often ending in divorce. I am guilty of this. Like you my daughter is estranged from me. We have not been close since she was 6 years old she is now 50. I well understand your plight.

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