• Maybe not politicians but more so those who are willing to do almost anything for monies.. And I'm talking of grown adults also.. They'll pant like a dog if the price is right...
    • Linda Joy
      They should be changed frequently and for the same reason?
    • RareCatch
      I think most elected officials are full of dog dirt!! Sept. 21 2017
  • not really
  • Yes, they are also like lobsters. They turn red when they get in hot water
  • Nope. Politicians are simply the warts and all reflection of the people they serve. After all, they voted them in!
  • Yes I do, and I'm pretty sure I know where you got this one, but, sorry green eyes... you blew it because not everybody is a fan of, or knows the works of Mark Twain. You should have given the entire quote and then, in your usual style, ... asked if anybody agreed or not.

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