• Harley for me.
    • Linda Joy
    • Ice man
      Either you love them, or you hate them. I just did the math ... and I've been riding them for fifty years. No intention on stopping anytime soon either.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you ever ridden a Ducati? You might like them both.
    • Ice man
      I've ridden just about every make of motorcycle ever built, including Ducati . They are a good handling bike, but you are comparing apples to bananas. Personally I think BMW makes a better bike than Ducati, which would make for a better comparison.
  • Ducati for performance and handling
    • Linda Joy
      So you've ridden them both and compared?
    • Roaring
      no/ Observation. actually I would prefer an all-electric quiet bile.
    • Archie Bunker
      Loud Pipes Save Lives!!!!
    • Linda Joy
      Are they ever too loud?
    • Roaring
      Exhaust sound and heat are wasted energy.
    • Roaring
      Update an All Electric Harley Livewire!
  • if youre talking about a rnotorcycle then neither
  • 2010 HD Streetglide
  • Neither. I prefer a real bike like a Yamaha or Kawasaki. A Harley is just a glorified noise machine with a seat and handlebars. Whereas a Ducati is a hairdryer for adrenaline junkies,
    • Linda Joy
      A rice rocket??!! Surely you're kidding!!
  • Indian
    • Ice man
      I'm not really a fan of the newer, modern Indian, but I'm glad to see Indian back on the road. That being said ... at least you've offered up a better motorcycle for a comparison, one that is in the same league and style as the Harley. As I said in my comment to Linda, she was comparing "apples to bananas". The old Indian was a great motorcycle.and good competition for the Harley Davidson. Indian was the benchmark that everyone else had to measure up to .... and they did an excellent job of keeping Harley Davidson on their toes, right up to when Indian went out of business .
    • Wakko
      Yep, my dad had one of the old ones. That sucker rattled the ground. I don't know much about the newer ones. They "look" good, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't like Harleys, never seen a used one that didn't have an oil leak.
  • Update an All Electric Harley Livewire!
  • Harley...Buy American!
  • A Hog 4 me
  • Not being a rider, but being an Italian, the Duke is King!
  • Milwaukee Iron...Harley
  • a 900-1150cc Duck for 200-300 mile fun day rides. Harley for pounding 750 miles a day down western interstates with 200 pounds of tent / sleeping bag & enough cooking/camping gear for a week on the road.
  • Harley...Wisconsin Iron

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