• Not my mood as much as my body, seems to know when rain is coming.
    • Linda Joy
      My collar bones were broken. One before I can remember (mom said the older girls were supposed to be watching me and I fell down the stairs) the other the summer after first grade. (weird accident) they used to hurt from time to time and I thought it was weather-related. They don't hurt much anymore though I'm thankful for that!
  • only if im worried about tripping over snow
  • Yes, it is somewhat. Winter makes me cautious and a bit depressed. One of my lovers was in an automobile accident caused by snow compacted into ice and fractured his mandible. One of my friends fell on such ice and fractured his ulna and radius in his left wrist. Spring makes me cheerful with flowers beginning to bloom and leaves appearing on trees again. Summer tends to make me lazy. Autumn marks the end of summer and is prelude to winter, so I am tense.

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