• It was Tylenol that got laced with cyanide in the early 80's that caused all the child proof caps, seals, and protective secondary layers on all bottles since. I remember Johnson & Johnson (the baby powder company) having something similar occur around that same time period.
    • Linda Joy
      I find them difficult to take. My sister used Tylenol and alcohol to commit suicide but it took her 2 weeks to die her children were left orphaned as their dad had already been brutally murdered.
    • Anoname
      Ouch, sorry if I brought up unpleasant memories by mentioning the old cyanide scare.
    • Linda Joy
      Not a problem it's in the past. Just probably the reason for the surplus of tylenol.
    • Anoname
      Has your DJD been flaring up?
    • Linda Joy
      Not any more than usual today thank you for asking.
  • I remember that when Tylenol had the cyanide in it. But I have seen children open those bottles with (child proof caps) very easily. That is how the "joke" got started "if you can't open a medicine bottle just hand it to a five year old" came from.
  • You could arrange them to form letters and spell your name ... maybe glue them to your mailbox. You could take a sharpie and blacken a bunch and use them to play checkers. You could drill holes through the middle of them and make necklaces ... if you have some spare fishing line. You could number them and play bingo ... offer a big jar full as the winning prize. The possibilities are endless .. with a little creative imagination. : )
    • Linda Joy
      Now that's what I was looking for! Unfortunately my mailbox is in a bank full of other mailboxes and children have access so Tylenol children not a good mix. I thought about the necklace idea but I didn't think it was a good idea again because of the medical component. But you did remind me that I could paint them with my paints I have a lot of paints and markers and such that might make an interesting art project I also thought about donating them to a homeless shelter but I don't think it's legal since I got them by prescription from the federal government.
    • mushroom
      Even worse to color them if children have access. They might think it's candy.
  • not sure
  • The best thing to do with Tylenol is dump them in the toilet and flush them. Acetaminophen is very dangerous for the body and liver. I personally will not take it for any reason.
    • Linda Joy
      You're not supposed to flush medications! They can contaminate the water system. Proper disposal of tablets is to cover them with water so they dissolve, put the cap back on and put them in the trash. And they are not dangerous when taken as directed.
    • Thinker
      What ever trips your trigger, just get rid of them don't take them
  • i had a whole bunch of tylenol, a big bottle i hardly used, i took tylenol one day and literally broke out in hives all over, last tinne i took it, i gave the bottle away to a neighbor that could only take tylenol, now i take other stuff

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