• I'm surprise...but not really I guess. Stars looking for work and the network trying to make money. Do you think there's still an audience?
    • Linda Joy
      Don't know. I liked John Goodman and Johnny Galecki but I like him even better in Big Bang Theory.
    • Supersoftball
      I won't watch. Once the kids got old it was no longer funny...
  • Who cares, I never liked her and doubt she'll last very long now.
    • Linda Joy
      I was surprised they're bringing them back. I liked the earlier shows.
    • Ice man
      I appreciate your opinion, but doubt that she will go very far with her overly negative attitude. I think you might have perceived that from the rest of the answers ?
  • shes a fat whore whos so ugly shell end up breaking all the tvs in the universe so noone will ever be able to watch tv again
  • 5-16-2017 Nothing. I saw a couple of shows by accident, not because I tuned in. John Goodman is worth a look, but not Roseanne.
  • I couldn't stand her show and felt she was a poor mother and an horrible wife in her personal life. I could go with never hearing from her again.
  • yes i like roseanne, i agreed with her on everything too.
  • For what is on TV anymore, she should beat out in ratings quite a few things over the garbage they have anymore.

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