• I used to be vehemently opposed to this as I was molested as a child. But I've learned that cultures differ and this is not uncommon in other areas so I think it has more to do with intent.
  • Of course it's wrong. They will both die in a house fire as they run around looking for their clothes. Sleeping "nude" is the height of stupidity, even if you keep a fire alarm you cannot guarantee you'll will wake up and dress yourself in time to escape.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought about that too but there's usually a blanket handy or a robe on the way out the door you can grab
    • jshm22
      That's not really much thinking you've done there. If you've never been in a pressure situation you will not understand the "natural response vs taught response" reaction that occurs in people. You will "forget" what a blanket and your robe looks like in the smoke. Worse you'll try and grab something to wear while trying desperately to save who you can. Something you could have avoided by wearing something in the first place.
    • Beach_Niki
      I really hope you are kidding. In any case he is the only one that sleeps nude, the kids are in pjs and he keeps shorts and a shirt on the floor next to the bed.
  • No it is not wrong. Nudity should be common in the home today. The Lord God created us to be naked always. Man thinks we have to cover up.

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