• I had a friend.....peed out the car window when it was moving. And you might think "well a woman couldn't get away with that!" but Michael couldn't either.... it blew right back in! You know that old Jim Croce song? "You don't spit in the wind, you don't pee out the window, and you don't mess around with Jim!"
    • Linda Joy
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Bless his heart, he was a good old friend, that died quite a few years ago now, but i still get a good chuckle thinking of some of the things that happened back then! Good old Chink. If there's an after life I hope he's got a place in it that he can enjoy..
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah men get away with peeing just about anywhere, women not so much. And I know how you feel about losing old friends, too. There are a lot of them I miss.
  • Men get praised for being ambitious and ruthless in business and it's not terribly shocking when they punch someone. Here it's frowned upon when women do that.
  • saying that a man is head of the woman.
    • Linda Joy
      Only because God knew a man's ego couldn't take it if he wasn't! Lol Yeah y'all can be the head, but we're the neck that sways the head and it's a sway that is very difficult to resist.
  • Writing our name in the snow. And farting.
  • lifting heavy stuff
  • Invisible men can do many things.

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