• I'm not into guys, but my hair is falling out at an alarming rate...I'm thinking about getting a hairline tattoo.
    • Linda Joy
      Or you can get a temporary man pushing a lawn mower tattoo and move it periodically as needed. Shave it and send me a pic!
    • Azlotto
      LMAO...I wonder if tattoo artists call them head-jobs...jk...I've seen several pictures of lawn mower tats on people's heads.
    • Linda Joy
      You've actually seen them for real? Or a picture of them? Cuz I saw a picture once and I thought it was photo-shopped.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey,where's my pic? You know my email address is on my profile page right? LOL I really do think that men with only a little bit of hair left should shave it because that bald head is sexy!
  • Vin Diesel and Dominic Purcell
    • Linda Joy
      I haven't seen Dominic Purcell in action.
    • Natz
      Did you not watch Prison break
    • Natz
      Google him. Yummy he is a hotty. Lol
    • Linda Joy
      I did see some stills, but my phone is small.
  • Sinead O'Connor.
  • Vin Diesel, since he's got muscles and a deep voice.
  • Only bald guy I ever thought was cute was Joe Garigiola.....sportscaster from years ago........good lookin' guy!! and probably ugly with hair!! LOL
  • Me, myself, and I!
  • Me, myself, and I!
  • Bruce Willis. Mr. Clean.
  • Sorry, I don't have such a list. I'm into women, and preferably ones with hair (on their head )..... : )
    • beaker95
      My life is over.

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