• I remember one member that had the word Gypsy in his name who posted interesting questions. So when did it all begin?
  • I don't know the exact year. It was active in 2011 because that was when I joined it (under a different name).
  • 2003, I think, with Joel heading it.
  • April 4, 2003
    • Roaring
      Is there a way to find out the date I originally signed up? (The name has been the same )
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know. I posted on FB asking for a good Q&A site. That's the only way I know I've been here 3 weeks!
  • Wow, 14 years! Do you think they'll do something on the 15th year anniversary?
    • Linda Joy
      Good idea! Someone should ask!
    • Bella
      Isn't that a Crystal anniversary?

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