• Bo Derek.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I think Jane Seymour has held up much better.
    • ARTICFOX700
      Barbie Benton looks really good as well
  • Riding on an elephant, no haven't yet but have a booking for mother's day
    • Linda Joy
      Awesome! My son did that at a zoo once! I want to hear about the experience after you do it!
    • Natz
      Definitely will let you know. This is a elephant park here in South Africa. Will keep updated on how it went.
    • BRG
      elephant rides are CRUEL and should be abolished,,,,,which is on the way to happening........these creatures are not here for our amusement! and should be respected.........
  • Hang gliding.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      But I'm no longer young enough for that sort of thing.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Alright then.....doing stand up and a couple songs at an open mic. This I might do this year.
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds good! I think you should do both! The easier one first.
  • I want to do the zip line!
    • Ice man
      So who is this guy and what kind of a person has a name like .. Zip Line ?? His parents must have been circus clowns !!
    • Linda Joy
      A zippy one! You feeling zippy, Ice man? I didn't say the gig line! LOL
  • Retirement
  • going into a straight bar and groping all the guys with hot asses!!! ......oooooo :-D
  • Geocaching! I always wanted to. Not sure if anybody does it anymore. I'm like 10 years too late haha
    • Linda Joy
      That'd be fun
  • to go to work if someone would just hire me
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      What do you do?
  • I always wanted to try having sex with Jennifer Aniston.
  • Employing my own cook & chauffeur.
  • Parachute jump.
  • Horse riding, swimming, camping, hiking, skiing, and most important, travelling ! I have done swimming, camping and horse riding. I want to travel a LOT !
    • Linda Joy
      I broke 2 ribs when I fell off a horse once. Snow or water skiing?
    • Abha
    • Abha
      I fractured my left leg and then my right hand in all this.......missed 2 months of school.......then once I had a nice big injury on my head too ! Too much of sport going on !
  • Skydive, or go into a shark cage, never got to do either due to lack of funds
  • Your warm peach cobbler, with a fair scoop, or two, of slowly melting vanilla ice cream.
    • Linda Joy
      It'll make your mouth almost as happy as I can!
  • I always wanted to sing professionally but I am singing disabled. Ironically my dad was a local professional singer. Go figure. My sister can't sing too.

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