• Depends on your personality, hygiene, appearance, manners, sense of humour, dress sense, sociability and attitude. And how fussy you are.
  • Only if they live on Uranus.
    • icup
      u r absolutely correct uranians are the best
  • Not from me. I'm an equal opportunity rejecter.
    • icup
      do u live on uranus
    • Linda Joy
      I suspect I may have at a very early age I'm almost certain I'm not from here though.
  • Sex has nothing to do with skin colour.
    • icup
      correct it has everything to do with what planet u live on and/or from uranians are the best which is why im damn proud to be an uranian. uranus is the coolest planet in the whole universe
  • If it's difficult to begin with, you're doing something wrong.
  • neither whites or blacks can compare with the sexiness of an uranian uranus has the hottest girls and men in the universe

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