• I have more than one but the first one as a child: At the beach, I used to like to take a running leap onto the swing, on my stomach and swing back and forth. One fateful day I lept toward the swing and went right over onto the sand and broken glass. I landed chin first. If you look just under my chin you will see a long scar.
    • Linda Joy
    • Boola Boo
      I don't remember much but that won't ever leave me.
  • when i was visiting siblings i tripped over a garage step and hit my forehead hard, for the next two wks all i heard from people was why i was walking around with a black eye, was so glad when it finally healed up
  • I have always been asked about my massive neck scars. Well, I tell people who ask. I say two big guys knocked me out and cut me from ear to ear. This is horrible sounding, but it is the truth. Well, sort of -------- actually they were doctors doing some early brain scan fluid injection thing. It was 1957 and this was an early treatment procedure.
  • When I was about 8 or 9, I was doing a stupid trick on my Schwinn, and somehow the handle bars twisted, the bike flipped, and the front metal fender jabbed me on the inside of my upper thigh. I bled like crazy, but didn't say anything to my parents, and I still have a scar in the shape of the very tip of that fender, which I believe it almost a "V" shape.
    • B.H. Wilson
    • Linda Joy
      I have a scar from the bike chain on the inside of my right calf. Used to have a burn scar from a motorcycle exhaust as well, but it went away.
  • I have a scar on my left hip. Back in the 70s, I borrowed a friend's riding lawnmower (you can maybe see where this is going...) that had no cover on the engine and was a rope start model - which just happened to be behind the seat. Our backyard was sloped and when I started in the direction of the house (uphill), the front wheels raised up off the ground and I lost my grip - throwing me back onto the flywheel of the engine. It chewed me up pretty good. Strange that it didn't bleed that much, but it cut layer upon layer of skin off until there was a deep gouge.

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