• That would be the "bomblets" - hundreds of mini, gasoline-filled bombs - which are carried towards the ground, their target, in one large 'bomb', which opens and disperses these bomblets just above the tops of peoples heads, and then the gas is ignited... and this kills the people in mass, by squashing their bodies with concussive force, or by burning them alive, or literally boiling their blood from the intense heat. THIS, I'm describing, is the 'anti-personnel' bombs America used on Iraq, after stating the reason we needed to invade, and decimate that country with explosions, and murdering a total of 1-1/4 million people (most of whom were NOT soldiers) was because Hussein was "as evil as Hitler..and why? --> because he used that same type of bombs. ....... Nothing hypocritical there eh? ..Now let's all wave our little flags for the republicans, and give them all our money, and exemption from paying any taxes or obeying laws themselves. And let's wave these flags, to support them taking over the government and using the power to change the free press into a lying machine, to brainwash people SO BADLY they actually elect a series of RETARDS as president...and let's wave our flags in support of the hyper rich - who took our democracy and rights and privacy and hope and sense of decency away, and let them not have to pay employees, because after all, we're not insane 'libtards' are we!!! *wave wave wave* (Hey did you see that loivley snapshot of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock and Sarah Palin in the Oval Office? Did it make you feel proud?? *blink blink* *blink* blink blink blink* (I'd have my eye fixed, but Trump says it's pre-existing, and as we all know, it's immoral to think health care should fix health problems. So wave wave wave everybody! And as Hitler once said to Germany, when he was getting started."Be careful what you say, or else!" (Yea, Kellyann told us this.) Now, altogether: HEIL TRUMP!! RAH!! RAH!! LET'S GO KILL!!! EXCITING NEW WARS!! RAH REPUBLICANS!! GO FOX "ALTERNATE FACTS"!!! RAH!!! RAH!!! ALTERNATE FACTS ARE EASIER THAN THINKING FOR RETARDED PEOPLE RAH!! (Em....did I got too far? I didnt think so, but maybe this wasnt the place, sorry. But I predict there will be a whole lot of trump supporters who swear at me now, who later end up lying that they never supported him. I predict that. I want the "I told you so" rights!
  • By definition that would be all subsequent bombs. Of course by definition there can never be another one. If only, right?

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