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  • You need to make an appointment with a doctor right away, your GP (general practitioner) who will "refer" you to a specialist elsewhere (a 2nd appointment), and there they will do some tests and you'll probably have to go back (a 3rd appointment) to be told the results and what any needed treatment may be. I've never heard of an "infected" ulcer. You may be repeating something you heard a bit wrong. Didn't the emergency room provide you with some paperwork that says what they saw you for and found? They definitely are supposed to give you that. You may have to ask for a copy. I'd call and ask for that, and call your GP and make an appointment, now. Get started. Waiting wont make things any better. And besides, you may have nothing really wrong after all...I mean if you did, SURELY the emergency room would have referred you to a doctor if not made you the appointment, for whatever it was they found. You need to ask your doctor, not strangers online who have no medical training.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Yes,ok. Thank you very much. It cured up. :)

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