• I don't mind them as long as they don't try to convert others to their faith.
    • karem722
      do you mean Missionaries! that may be in Christianity not Muslim religion
    • Nosmo King
      They may not be called "Missionaries" in Islam, but there are some Muslims who do go around trying to convert others.
  • Depends on the person. I'd have to get to know them.
  • Not negative. Every group has it's problem minorities. 200 odd years ago it was Blacks, 80 odd years ago it was Jews. These days Christians have transferred their baseless odium to Muslims. Christians just cannot seem to give up on having some people to hate.
    • Linda Joy
      Not all Christians hate. And it would appear at a glance that you're hating on Christians so what's the difference? Whom you choose to hate?
    • jshm22
      I never said "all Christians" just as the asker has not said "all Muslims". But I state a fact that racism, slavery and genocide or other peoples from Christians far outstrips other groups. The British empire and two world wars were exclusively White Christian affairs. Of course I am not suggesting hate of White's or Christians. But it seems hatred and aggression against others is something Christian history is littered with and little is changing.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh please slavery was all over the planet before Christians ever came to America. It's okay go ahead and blame them it reflects on you more than them.
    • Subject 89P13
    • Franco333
      Of the three Abrahamic-based religions, jews was first in line to embrace slavery, eagerly followed by the islamaholics, who was followed by the xtians. Slavery goes with these three 'religions' like Mom and apple pie, or ketchup and french fries!
  • I can speak only about the Muslims I know personally. I am inspired by their warm hearts, dedication to be the best they can be, high integrity and a passion for living the spiritual life. Of course like all groups, have a wide spectrum of folks. Where trouble tends to rise(in all religious groups) is fundamentalism. "One true way, the rest are wrong" is presumptuous and the basis of many conflicts in the world.
  • You'll have to be a little more specific. There are a lot of Muslim people and I only know a few. Some are great, some are assholes, most are somewhere in between, just like any other group of people.
  • They are nice people who are trapped in a horrific cult.
  • There like any other group. Some of them are bad but most of them are good. My neighbors are Muslim and are the nicest people. I have Muslim friends, some since hs, and they have always treated me well.
  • Like a landmine waiting to be stepped on, or an unexploded bomb dropped from some warplane long ago, so-called moderate muslims are future jihadis waiting to be weaponized against the infidel.

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