• I usually have to see the pet first. My last pet was a toy poodle supposed to be apricot, but was very light with hints of apricot. I called her Princess . I think on her papers I named her Princess Cora Bell because Cora Bell was my mother's name, but I don't remember well enough to be sure. It was a long time ago!
  • Mugsy, Fritz, Max, King for males Daisy, Leelu, Coco, Ginger for females. It is said that preferrably two sylables maximum with a strong consonant on the first helps when you have to call your dog for a strong impression
    • Linda Joy
      I like Daisy!
    • Roaring
      That was my last dog! She was a wonderful companion. A Shepard, lab beagle mix. Her ears could go full up and everywhere in between. I took her everywhere with me. Died at 16
  • Stay.
    • Anoname
      Come here, stay.,... Stay...come here.,...Stay!
    • Linda Joy
      Poor Stay!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      lol. Maybe you should just call him Wally.

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