• No, I would not. If any man dares to do anything to my son, he will be sorry he ever existed.
  • Your child needs help! I would suggest you make his counseling appointment first thing in the morning, don't tell him when it is, and take him directly to the appointment instead of school. I would also speak with his principle about getting counseling in school. Whether you stay with this man or not if your son doesn't get the help he needs or choose to change his behavior he will most likely end up in prison anyway. As for whether or not I would stay with the man, I wouldn't choose to be with any man at this point in life. But I'm not you and don't feel qualified to give relationship advice.
  • Your husband sounds like a selfish resentful asshat. His words and actions are simply teaching your son to be a selfish mean asshat. I would probably tell this man goodbye.
  • depends on what he did

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