• If Mr Pants wasn't a sock puppet, and actually had some legs, my hands would be between them so often I wouldn't be able to hold a job. *blink* Wait, no I meant.. "in a pair of gloves" yea, that's what i meant *blink*
    • beaker95
      How many fingers do you have?
  • That would be "telling". (someone else's warmer, female body parts, if you must know. : )
    • beaker95
      Which parts of a woman's body are warm? Do tell.
    • Ice man
      Go watch the infrared scanners at the airport. All will be revealed in due course....
    • beaker95
      I am banned from every airport in Europe, after that unfortunate misunderstanding with my fake rucksack bomb. I thought it was funny.
  • around your warm balls?
    • Ice man
      What makes you think he's got balls, warm or otherwise ? : )
    • Anoname
      Good girl.
    • Answer-Seeker
      Below right thigh, or preferably inside anus
    • beaker95
      How did you know where my tattoos are?
  • On my bottom after I've had a spanking.
    • Ice man
      Oh that ought to warm them up alright ! ; )
    • Crazychick
  • in ice packs

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