• Remember I pondered this before anyone. I want the "I told you so" rights.
  • Alright, the concern is this: Trump developed his business ways in the time of Corporate Raiders, in the 80's. If you followed that link I gave you, above, you've read that he seems to want to destabilize the European order. AND there seems to have been (and quite possibly be) collusion between Trump and VLADIMIR PUTIN. So I'm saying, if you regard what kind of man (unpredictable and imbalanced megalomaniac) Trump is, and how he tends to operate IN NEGOTIATIONS...then you know he is the kind of guy who will say what he needs to make the other guy THINK it's a "win-win" deal he is agreeing to, and then wham, Trump turns the tables and takes all. WHAT IF he actually has been deal-making with Putin....they're working on the idea of splitting control of the world. So Trump agrees to help open European countries back up to being taken control of by Russia again (because without unity, and America, you are open to attack) Russia helps him get elected, and then a series of events is orchestrated, and - at some carefully planned point, when things are 'ready' - Trump screws Putin, intending to TAKE ALL. (BUT! -->Putin could be planning to do the same, to the flaming idiot Trump.) Either way...this isn't a good thing, this friending up with Putin. Certainly not by a man who starts bombing multiple countries willy nilly and saying stupid things to world leaders. Now, am I the only one who sees this? I mean, I do after all have a brain made of sock puppet stuffing, so I could be wrong, and Trump is actually an empathetic humanitarian who wants nothing more than to buy the world an ice cream, right? *shrug*

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