• Remember I pondered this before anyone. I want the "I told you so" rights.
  • Feb, 2017... Alright, the concern is this: Trump developed his business ways in the time of Corporate Raiders, in the 80's. If you followed that link I gave you, above, you've read that he seems to want to destabilize the European order. AND there seems to have been (and quite possibly be) collusion between Trump and VLADIMIR PUTIN. So I'm saying, if you regard what kind of man (unpredictable and imbalanced megalomaniac) Trump is, and how he tends to operate IN NEGOTIATIONS...then you know he is the kind of guy who will say what he needs to make the other guy THINK it's a "win-win" deal he is agreeing to, and then wham, Trump turns the tables and takes all. WHAT IF he actually has been deal-making with Putin....they're working on the idea of splitting control of the world. So Trump agrees to help open European countries back up to being taken control of by Russia again (because without unity, and America, you are open to attack) Russia helps him get elected, and then a series of events is orchestrated, and - at some carefully planned point, when things are 'ready' - Trump screws Putin, intending to TAKE ALL. (BUT! -->Putin could be planning to do the same, to the flaming idiot Trump.) Either way...this isn't a good thing, this friending up with Putin. Certainly not by a man who starts bombing multiple countries willy nilly and saying stupid things to world leaders. Now, am I the only one who sees this? I mean, I do after all have a brain made of sock puppet stuffing, so I could be wrong, and Trump is actually an empathetic humanitarian who wants nothing more than to buy the world an ice cream, right? *shrug*
  • May 13, 2017 - following the Comey Firing -... It is now clear that Trump colluded with Putin, a private military organization, and a Muslim Crown Prince..... to make deals about gaining power for each other. Russia got sanctions dropped - for one thing - for interfering in our election to help put Trump in power. The rest is still unfolding. But it's now documented that everything Trump has been saying is a lie, that he is mentally ill -dangerously- and that he will be taken down, and so we'll end up stuck with Pence. MY QUESTION is do you think it's right, if it's proven that Trump never won the election, that Comey broke laws to cause Clinton to lose, and put Trump in, that he even colluded with criminals, muslims, and RUSSIA to cheat, to get in...if we prove all that (and we dont have to, it's precisely what Trump's digging his own grave in a pathetic flustered school girl attempt to cover up) IS IT RIGHT FOR HIS VICE PRESIDENT TO TAKE OVER???? IF WE PROVE HE WAS NEVER ELECTED, DOESN'T THAT REQUIRE A RECALL ELECTION, or that his whole administration be dismissed and the keys given to the candidate that actually won? Doesn't it? (And if you think not, aren't you just a lying republican, a jerk?) It's embarrassing to be American now. And frightening. I hope a UN Coalition comes and takes OUR "weapons of mass destruction", and sanctions US. We are not fit to be the world police! We are a nation of parroting fascist DUMMIES! It is FAR from just those at the top who are unfit to rule, or even breed! ......
    • beaker95
      What you been snorting up your nose today ? Can I have some ?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh I've been following this daily. I suppose it'd help if I offered a link with each fact, so it doesnt just seem like a crank theory (as it does if said quickly). But it shouldnt be needed, if you watch the news, you'll see, Trump is crashing and burning as we speak. I kind of had a hunch about Pence right from the start. Looks like it was true...he's going to be the president after they toss Trump into a basket for observation. Apparently he has a mental illness AND dementia. So when he speaks he says a lot of disjointed crap that doesnt make sense, and because his mind is in that condition, his actions dont make sense either (like firing Comey when he did. WOW, what a mistake. HE'S DONE! That was ...the dementia. I'm sure...........He's a guy who got money from daddy, he's not a financial genius or self made. And he's a megalomaniacal kook. This much we knew, But sadly for him, he's also losing his mind and making really bad decisions. So we'll be letting him go. But I really do have a concern if it's proven he didnt get elected honestly, we need another election. We shouldnt just let the criminals who fudged their way in KEEP what they criminally gained. *shrug*

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