• Leon had attached himself to me in Chicago like a fat, brat-and-beer-filled tick; I was amazed that someone whose blood was clearly half pork grease had made it to age seventy-five.
  • Depends where you are. It's 400 miles from Hootersville.
  • It is if you are watching the Blues Brothers movie. Lol:)
  • That would definitely depend on where you are.
    • Dweezil
    • Linda Joy
      Sry I can't watch videos. It makes my pages load slow. Thank you though, I may be able to watch it when I get to a computer.
  • It's a lot more than 106 miles to Chicago from where I live.
    • Linda Joy
      Me too!
  • Draw a circle with a protractor with Chicago in the middle and you will find many places approx. 600 miles from Chicago. Maybe we will run into you.
    • Linda Joy
      For added dimensions you could imagine a sphere, though not practical in this instance.

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