• Vegetarian meatloaf and organic cauliflower. It was wonderful.
    • Linda Joy
      Can it technically be called meatloaf without meat? And what did you use for the meat? Seitan? Soy?
  • Pizza
    • Linda Joy
      I like pizza, but I have issues with sodium so I usually make it myself. Otherwise I can only have 2 small or one large slice. Otherwise it makes me swell up. What are your favorite toppings?
  • Chicken sandwich (with lettuce, tomato, mayo), and steak fries and iced tea. (The chicken has to be the expensive fillets though, or else it's gonna be cheap and gross.)
    • Linda Joy
      I can deal with cheap chicken but it would have to be broiled and not fried and I'd have to add some heat to it some sort of pepper. Habanero, jalapeno or Cayenne. I could pass on the fries, but if I didn't they're usually best dipped in a combination of mayo ketchup and hot pepper. Sweet Tea?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Ah...well I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cooking now. So I get a bag of frozen chicken filets, pre-breaded and cooked, and I do heat them in the oven though, at least (not the microwave) (I cook burgers in the microwave though. THAT'S lazy..and they come out awful. But I still do it. Lazy, lazy lazy. I think it's a man thing. I once tried cooking something at 550 degrees for 5 minutes, instead of 30 minutes at 300. This experiment is the one we never speak of...
  • Left overs made into a casserole with cheese and bread crumbs on top. Damn good !
    • Linda Joy
      That reminds me of my mom's combo casserole and it was very good! But I usually turn my leftovers into either soup or salad. This is mostly because it's usually hot down here and ovens will heat up a house! Of course so will soups but they don't usually have to cook as long. On the other hand it's cold where you live!
  • I had a salad for lunch and for supper I had quinoa and shrimp.
  • A lucky bag from the freezer. I make a lot of food to freeze. I have miscellaneous bags of brown stuff that I take out to defrost in the morning, then spend the day wondering what it is going to be for dinner. Tonight it was Goulash.
    • Linda Joy
      I do that too.
  • A salad and a nut bar.
    • Linda Joy
      What's a nut bar? is it like a salad bar only with nuts? Or is it like a bar made of mixed nuts?

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