• I can well understand your excitement, I saw his stellar questions and thought to myself .... "His questions are every bit as great as his music to puke by ! ". ... What ? Yes, that was the sound of me puking.
    • beaker95
      Is "puke" an American word for "dance"? It must be and I get where you are coming from, my pedal-to-the-metal friend. Dean is surely the greatest talent to come out of America since Neil Young. I feel I can really connect with his psyche and his way of seeing the world. A pure master and genius of his time and up there alongside Springsteen, Bieber and Miley Montana in terms of greatness. Let's thank our Lucky Stars we have lived in this iconic era.
    • Ice man
      Actually, not that I want to correct you butt ..... Neil Young is Canadian, and younger than Dean, and as for the rest ... B.B.King still out shines them all .. even from his grave !

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