• Having wings & flying through the universe
  • My old schoolteacher Miss Hamilton, giving me the cane across my bare arse.
  • A good thing to think about for one whose suffered night terrors in the past. I never thought about approaching it from a proactive approach! Here goes! Ppl laughing and enjoying themselves especially those I care about, floating in water, flying, the warmth and beauty of a contained fire, watching a sunset ... Looking forward to the other answers!
  • I've developed dream skills. I am usually in complete control of my dreams. The best dreams are the ones I don't try controlling. When I do control them I try to dream things like being marooned with a dozen supermodels on a remote island for years. Things like that.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd like to learn this! Can you teach me? Maybe share some links or recommend a book?
    • Anoname
      I began as a child. I wanted to remember the EXACT moment I'd fall asleep. I followed the four sides of the door with my eyes and counted each time around. The idea was that my eyes were open (unlike counting sheep, where your eyes are closed and your imagining the sheep). I wanted to remember the exact number I last counted. It took about a year but I finally did it. Next I used my body's internal clock to keep time as I slept. I'd watch what time I went to bed then as soon as I closed my eyes I imagined a clock in the upper left corner of my dream at the time the real clock had said when I closed my eyes. Then I'd practice waking myself up at certain times according to the dream clock to compare to real world time. I was usually only two or three minutes off. This I did for several months. After this basic level of dream control I started more complex dream control experiments. I found I had complete control over my dreams.
    • Linda Joy
  • Jamie Lee Curtis and Bo Derek, when they were both 25.

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