• A 20-stone lady who wears flip-flops & is also a dominatrix.
    • beaker95
      Sounds like Ice Man's future sister-in-law.
  • September 21st.
  • Mr. PantsFellDown, naked, but for his sock, some bacon, some cream cakes, a bottle of Shiraz, Dean Friedman playing in the background, Bo Derek (aged 25) serving our every desire and a dozen Prozac.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      *blink blink blink* *blink* What, no motor oil? *blink* Hold on a minute *sticks finger in eye to stop it blinking* And what about the car battery? ..And the jumper cables? Packet of Junior Mints? Ah! Nirvana bound ................. ...... Bo Derek at 25??? *boing, I mean blink* Mr Pants remembers HER poster above the bed. (And, as Janes go, I certainly watched the Maureen O'Sullivan naked swimming scene in silent awe (as part of an educational effort) (it took a while to pass though. Had to repeat that course several times):

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