• For me... the human male! Just noticed the why Because I'm not a lesbian and I find intelligence and a sense of humor a huge turn on! Not many other animals have that
    • beaker95
      What about the moose?
    • Linda Joy
      Its all yours, unless someone else wants to wrestle you for it!
  • The male giraffe. I get wet just thinking about it.
  • Dogs. NO HORSES!! NO WAIT!! AAAAARGH!! The pressure, man. The pressure! Okay I'm gonna go with hamster. *blink* What? Is that bad? (Hey at least I didn't say "earthworm"!) (Yea! Boggles the mind, I know.)...Oh I forgot to consider pigs and sheep, the favorite choices of lonely flock herders everywhere. (Except in India where the elephant is big...really, don't even get me started there! *blink*) But ya know....there you are....watching your ...sheep. Just watching, aaaaand watching....hmm..and ya know, one thing leads to another and then you're married.
    • Linda Joy
      So many choices! I can feel this way about food, yarn, paint and marker choices, just not the sharing of my body and soul!

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